Five Top Tips To Marketing Engagement


1. Your Voice

Select your perspective with intelligence, kindness and humor. Be real. Own your opinions, ideas and advice. Be provocative.

2. Your Words

To get your voice heard, select topical words. For example the words Football, Valentines Day and 2012 Outlook are relevant now and will be searched across all platforms now. Use select words in your writing to get attention.

3. Your Relevance

Know your consumer. Keep your consumer’s desires and habits at the center of your marketing strategy. For example, Millennia’s dominate the digital space and are cost conscious. They are not brand loyal and their entertainment viewing habits are fragmented. Use the information, take advantage of the technology that matches and be strategic in developing content.

4. Your Creativity

When you reach them, you better engage them. They will be gone in seconds. Ask yourself why they would want to linger. No tricks. We’re tired of filling out forms and receiving spam. Think of yourself as a very special “app” for a very special person. Make me laugh. Make me want to share your message.

5. Your Data

It isn’t about counting clicks. It goes much deeper. Know where, when, why and for how long they engage. Know your return. Keep adjusting the plan.


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