Wounded Warrior Project working with Creative Agenda on “The Carry Forward Awards”

Creative Agenda is working with Wounded Warrior Project on producing their big show, “The Carry Forward Awards” held in Anaheim, CA on October 21. This show will be the first for establishing an annual tradition for Wounded Warrior Project. 

Wounded Warrior Project honors selfless individuals who go out of their way to support our nation’s wounded service members. That night, five honorees will receive the prestigious award.

During the “Carry Forward Award” selection process, 9 incredible finalists were chosen from 100’s of nominees. Each of the finalists is a passionate individual who has raised funds and awareness to further Wounded Warrior Project program. Each is a winner un-to themselves. The public was given a chance to vote online and an independent panel took that input along with other criteria into consideration when selecting the 5 final honorees to receive the award that night.

This event is a first for WWP. The big night is almost here! The celebration takes place at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 21 from the City of Anaheim, Grove Theatre. Follow all the action on the Wounded Warrior Project Twitter page, @WWPinc. Here’s to the winners — and all the amazing nominees! To learn more about the CFA’s, please visit: http://bitly.com/GB1mJV


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