Spring in SoCal

Spring in Southern California has officially sprung.

Event-goers store the mink jackets and break out the pastel summer evening wear. Here’s a look at some summer trends in SoCal events:

 Furniture blocks for late-evening cordials and conversation–

The glamorous late-night crowd wants their own lounge so why not build it for them? Color blocks of turquoise, yellow, pink and purple modern furniture arranged tightly in asymmetrical clusters with plenty of clear crystal and glass ornate settings topped with fresh cut wild flowers, seashells and rosy ambient candle lighting. If the setting is on bamboo mats on an ocean beach, all the better.

Late-night bites and appetizer delights –

Looking for a late-night culinary delight? How about summer comfort food? Sautéed brussel sprouts, grape and fig pizza, miso salmon soup, and macaroni with cheese and maple syrup. You can’t go wrong with seasonal farm to table faire. The healthier, the better.

Atmosphere Entertainment –

Glue artists, water and sand painting, close-up hand magic, trick unicyclist in close quarters, 3-clowns in a mini-car, tightrope walker overhead and ukulele concert.



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