UC Irvine has expanded the Event Design & Production track in the business extension program!

UCI is expanding the business extension program to include not only include Introduction to Events, but to also augment the program with Event Operations, Logistics and Communications, Event Administration and Stakeholder Management and soon to come Entertainment Art in Events. UCI is incredible!

Carry Forward Awards

Creative Agenda was proud to support Wounded Warrior Project with the Carry Forward Awards, serving as producer, writer and director of the show.

Wonderful Warriors, thank you for your service!

Creative Agenda brings a “Teatro” event to life in Laguna Beach.

Creative Agenda produces and directs an intimate dinner for 100 at the Montage with a “Teatro” full entertainment experience.

Carry Forward Awards star-studded celebrities.

Take a look at the cast of the Carry Forward Awards.

Creative Agenda is grateful to have been a part of the Carry Forward Awards.



Trend Spotting in Special Events – “The Art of Graffiti”

Remember the 6th habit of highly successful people by Stephen Covey? “Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork, so as to achieve goals no one person could have done alone.”

Build a Graffiti wall at your next event, add a bucket of colorful markers and watch the creativity begin. Whether your event is large or small, indoors or outside, create a convenient place where the participants can add personal comments, draw pictures, leave inspiring quotations and secret messages throughout the course of the event. Date the board each day, photograph and watch the development of an organic artistic masterpiece unfold. Place each day’s photograph on the wall so everyone can see how the community of Graffiti artists grows and evolves. At the end of the event send the final picture home with the participants for a lasting “captured” moment in time. A moment they created together.

Top 10 Attributes of the Special Events Manager

Top 10 Attributes of the Special Events Manager

1. Be prepared.

No matter what is requested, reach into your bag of resources and pull it out.

2. Stay composed.

Smile. Breath. Re-assure. Then go to Plan B ……Plan C ……..Plan D

3. Be wired for opportunity.

When obstacles arise, see potential. Take the leap and turn it into something positive.

4.  Educate your palate.

On any budget, recommend a feast that’s delicious and healthy.

5. Love travel and understand the “local” in the destination.

Stay current on travel knowledge. Offer local cultural suggestions.

6. Protect of the planet.

Keep an eye on protecting the environment. Take the green path. Manage with care and flair!

7. Serve as people connectors.

In your circle of friends, you’re three degrees from anyone in the world. Know people who know people and reach out in helping others make meaningful connections.

8. Possess a generous heart.

Looking out for others. See the unseen and go the distance to help others in need.

9. Be a Pro

Commit to do it. No need for reminders. Get it done, on time, on budget and in the best way.

10. Be friendly, fun and smile.

Be the born party person you are and be an expert at creating enjoyment for others.